It’s here…you can smell it, see it and feel it. A time to thaw out and re-energise ones wellbeing. I’m seeing some amazing wildflower blooms this season and native orchids which I haven’t seen for over thirty years. I know thats a big statement, but I’m convinced mother nature is telling me something and one doesn’t usually know what, until about two years later.

When you see the Margaret River Spider Orchid (Caladinia citrina) in full bloom some two months earlier that normal and in a habitat where it hasn’t been seen before I consider that something is going on! I wish I’d paid more attention to my Biology classes, then maybe I’d be more knowledgeable and even have some answers as what’s to whats going on in the present day plant kingdom.

I guess thats the fun of it all, having Mother Nature keeping us guessing.

Some fortunate overseas visitors have already been exposed (pardon the pun) to the early spring blooms, but theres still heaps more that are ready to erupt by end of September. If you think the Pink and white Everlastings in the Northern wheat belt  are spectacular …wait until the pink, crimson and yellow Pimelia’s erupt!

Our Jarrah forests are alive with the purple tree Hovea’s, numerous shades of yellow wattles, bright red coral vine, white clematis creepers intermingled with purple Hardenbergia. Its a spectacular sight and a post card picture opportunity.

My Wildflower tours this year are being split into the Northern and Southern parts of the Cape. Thats a sweep of about 100 kilometres each tour. Pretty well from Cape Naturaliste to Margaret River town is already in full bloom.. Thats Early !

So fortunately for the  people who have booked October tours, they will see the Mid and Southern parts of the cape as an amazing kaleidoscope blooming well into November.