I often get quizzed about my job……How long have I’ve been doing this, why am I doing it, is it enjoyable, have I had any bad tour experiences etc..

Firstly …NO.. I’ve never had a bad tour experience. Sure, sometimes things don’t go as planned but that’s the challenge of putting it back on track. After all, I’m about giving people an enjoyable and a memorable day for the right reasons..Plus I need every 5 star tripAdvisor review I can get!!

The great thing about my job is meeting people from all over the world and sharing life stories with them and I’ll touch on one occasion later. Every tour is different and that’s what I love about my job. Having small and mostly individual family groups makes it easier for me to customise a Margaret River experience for them, and that’s what I want. To share some of my home roots stories growing up as a snotty nosed kid in a pristine and unknown part of the world .Unfortunately that’s all I can offer in that regard…stories. As the real reason why people are coming here now is because its well and truly on the world map for the many things it has become.

When I first started out and created this business I was adamant that it would not be a structured tour experience. Meaning it wouldn’t be the same thing day in day out. I wanted to offer an experience that my customers wanted but left it up to me to create and would hopefully have a lasting impact on their visit to Margaret River.

My previous life was in the corporate world, about 30 years….God knows how I survived that long, but that’s history and I am now living two days in one trying to make up for it. Let’s face it, we are all individuals and our interests vary considerably. Mine varies daily as I like to think i’m in tune with the seasons. It’s something that was instilled in me ever since I can remember and I guess thats what lead me to creating tours and my catch phrase .. A tour to activate your senses.

So getting back to a tour last year that changed my outlook on life.

This  day was a Snap Shot tour with an emphasis on walk trails, beautiful coastal scenery, flora and fauna, nice food and of course some wine tasting. I pick up a lovely couple up and to my surprise was informed the husband is 95 % visually impaired. We drive to the coast, about 10 minutes away, making conversation but my mind is in overload. How do I do this.? What is my game plan? We arrive at the coast and the surf was putting on an amazing winter spectacle. What I witnessed next was indescribable. Here was a man totally in tune with his senses and I came to the conclusion that although he was almost blind I was convinced he saw, smelt, heard, felt and tasted every aspect of this ocean vista more than all the times I’ve been going there for the past 50 years!

After that, I didn’t need a game plan.

An amazing day and an engagement i’ll never forget.

So … stop looking at life through a camera and just activate your senses.